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 Young Harpist’s Guide to the Orchestra

Estimated publication date
January 2024


While there are a number of orchestra except books for harpists which often include advice about how to prepare for orchestra auditions, there are no books that discuss how to play well in the orchestra. Much of this knowledge is not taught formally in school but is instead learned through “trial and error” on the job. 


Sara Cutler (New York City Ballet principal harpist and harp professor at Bard College Conservatory) and Dr. Laura Sherman are co-writing a book which will include detailed information about how to be a successful orchestral harpist. Collectively, Sara and Laura have about 80 years of high-level ensemble experience within diverse genres (orchestra, opera, ballet, Broadway, studio sessions, jazz, Latin, pop, experimental music, concerto soloist, chamber, and touring) and have a wealth of information to share with harpists who want to be excellent orchestral musicians. 


The title of the book is “Young Harpist’s Guide to the Orchestra,” which was inspired by the iconic work for orchestra by Benjamin Britten, “Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra.” However, the book will be beneficial to both inexperienced and experienced harpists because of its depth and breadth of knowledge.

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