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This four-movement work was written by Charles Norman Mason between 2020-2023 for Laura Sherman and was inspired by the Miami neighborhood of Coconut Grove.


Each movement has a different soundscape that accompanies the solo harp part and gives a sonic portrayal of this unique area.


The four movements are Biscayne Bay (water, sailing, boat sounds, wind); Bells of Plymouth Congregational Church (peacocks, birds, fountains, distant organ and choir sounds); Secoffee (peacocks, birds, wind, and rain); Coco Walk (people congregating and sharing meals and conversations). 


All four movements are included for $50 (sold separately for $20 each) and includes a soundscape for each. The soundscapes are easy to use and deeply evocative of the last "old Florida" neighborhood in the state.

Coconut Grove Suite for solo harp & soundscapes by Charles Norman Mason

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